Those who can, teach

A year ago I attended my first coding workshop with Ladies Learning Code. This past weekend I returned, this time as a mentor.

I think it speaks wonders for Ladies Learning Code I went from complete n00b to someone who was able to teach the basic building blocks of HTML and CSS after just attending three of their workshops over the course of a year (if you’re curious, I went to their HTML & CSS, Mobile Coding, and Hack Day workshops).

Over a hundred of learners and mentors were packed at the CSI Annex for a full day of learning and mentoring. I remembered what it was like to sit down as a learner for the first time, opening weird and new programs, typing odd combinations of words, and slowly creating a real-life website (which later became this beauty). I remembered it being an intense day, and at the end of it rubbing my eyes from having stared at a screen too long, and needing a drink from absorbing too much material. It was a strikingly similar experience as a mentor.

Sure, there was an instance or two where I had to ask another mentor for help – I did only start a year ago, and other mentors were full-time developpers. But that’s the glory of the Ladies Learning Code structure – there are so many mentors in relation to the learners that it’s so easy to draw from others’ experience. And by teaching, I relearned a lot of the basic coding tools and feel even more confident in my abilities.

It was exciting to teach, and see everyone’s faces light up as they all, one by one, successfully implemented code. The mood was just terrific, and my heart melted when my learners thanked me for my help.

I was reminded of how much I missed teaching. I’m definitely going to mentor with Ladies Learning Code again.

Are you interested in learning more about tech skills? See what Ladies Learning Code (yes, men are welcome!) has in store for you.


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