Crabby Thanks

I want to rewind things back to 2011. I wasn’t sure any year would be better than 2011. I was on a roll. In the span of 365 days I completed my MA, MBA, Graduate Diploma, I got a job with the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture, I got married, and I bought my first house.

The year ended, and I thought to myself: Ok, that’s it. You’ve peaked. Take it easy. You can’t top this year, so don’t try, because it will only end it tears.

And 2012, by contrast, was far more mellow. No grand life milestones. No new accreditations to hang on my wall.

So it was with absolutely giddiness that I found myself on Paul Nazareth‘s Golden Crab list. (Especially since I remember being super jealous of the indominable Clare McDowall topping his list in past years and wondering how it must feel to be that awesome. True story.)

Why name an award for a crab? Well, as Paul explains: “because it’s a food you can only eat with focus, with people close to you because it’s messy and it’s rare.”

Paul is an absolutely inspiration to me, and to many. I’ve encouraged friends and colleagues to join him at a Starbucks for an early morning meeting, because his advice and energy is as good as gold. When I see them after their chat with him, it’s like I’ve introduced them to Downton Abbey. They weren’t sure what to expect, but Paul, as with Downton Abbey, leaves you feeling energized, warm and fuzzy,* and impatient for your next interaction.

I’m not sure there’s anyone I promote as much as I do Paul. I did just compare him to Downton Abbey, and for me there is no higher accolade. He makes me feel like I can do anything, and reminds me of the value of doing good in this world.

So to be included in his Golden Crab list was absolutely amazing. And to be counted among such amazing people? Even more so.

It goes without saying that you should check out his twitter and blog (and of course his pristine LinkedIn profile).

Paul is all about helping and paying it forward. So here I am. I’ve got skills, and I’m here to help. Let me know how I can.

Who is your inspiration? Who gets the fire in your heart going for your life’s work? And, what can I do to help you this year?

*Certain episodes notwithstanding. You know the ones I mean. Paul would never break your heart like Downton Abbey decides to do every now and then.

ADDENDUM: This was my 100th post! Thanks for reading, liking, commenting, all those great things you do! Without you, this might as well be a diary.


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