If your new year’s resolution was to give back…

Then have we got an event for you.

It’s that time of year again! Timeraiser, one of my favourite events, is coming to Toronto in March.

I love Timeraiser. It’s an art auction. But instead of bidding dollars, you bid volunteer hours.

Opportunities for young donors to engage with causes – beyond our sometimes meager wallets – are what gets my blood pumping (plus, there’s art, which is pretty much my main passion in life). Because volunteers and organizations get to work out their arrangements themselves, we’re not just talking envelope-stuffing and door-knocking volunteer gigs. This event helps organizations take advantage of an incredible (over-) qualified demographic of young and determined professionals.

The cherry on this bombastic sundae is that Timeraiser pays the artists for their submissions too.

Last year I won a work of art at Timeraiser with a bid of 100 hours (which is the maximum allowed). I was at first daunted by the commitment, but I was able to reach that goal, months ahead of schedule.

Timeraiser put in to perspective how much of my time I donate to causes I love. It also made me think differently about what services I can provide. Through Timeraiser I helped organize events, designed promotional material, and worked on print layout for publications. I consider myself quite good at these things, and have done them pro bono (just sounds fancier than “free”) before, but for some reason the experience with Timeraiser let me see the accumulated value of my donated time.

And, because I’m as thrilled to support Timeraiser as I am the nonprofit organizations of my dreams, I’m submitting my own artwork for the auction this year. I would be thrilled to see my art hanging at the event, and hopefully inspire some aggressive bids…

Hope to see you at Timeraiser this year!


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