Awesome things for sale, made by me

If you’ve been reading my blog or catching me on twitter, you probably know I make art, and I knit. And I really like doing both. And a year or so ago I’d get requests for paintings and posters, and over the past months I’ve been selling some posters and knitted accessories. This has largely been done through twitter, Pinterest, and my blog.

And I got to thinking – wait, there are folks who like what I make. There are folks, just in my online network, who buy what I make. Can I take this to the next level?

So I took the plunge and set up an Etsy shop.

I’m still in the early stages (but with hundreds of hits and a sale in the first hour of launching it, I’m optimistic) and only have up some knitted iPad covers and posters, but eventually I hope to have more knitted gifts, ink drawings, and silkscreen items up.

So please have a look around. And if you like something, buy it! These items make perfect gifts.

And yes, I absolutely make custom items. Just drop me a line (in the comments here or through my website).


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