Things that might surprise people

I’m taking inspiration from GirlFrmMars and Lauren, who wrote about this already.

At first I thought.. what don’t people know about me? I chronicle my life pretty consistently here, on twitter, and Instagram. I don’t have too much of a mental filter. I don’t consider many things TMI. So I tried to think of things you might not know about me.

  • I have three silver medals and one gold medal in figure skating
  • I’m an Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver
  • I was in my high school debate club
  • I was in Model UN
  • I was kind of a loser in high school (see above)
  • I sang in my Church choir for ten years
  • I received the Canada Cord – the highest award in Girl Guides (it even came with a letter from Jean Chrétien)
  • I went to school in Italy – and an undertow almost drowned me in the Adriatic Sea
  • I went to school in Paris – pretty much the best time of my life
  • I went to art school
  • I went to business school
  • I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 19
  • I cried during the Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special
  • I worked at the CN Tower (loved running the elevators)
  • I have better-than-perfect vision but look awesome in glasses
  • I wanted to be an animator when I grew up
  • I made it past the first round of a Teletoon animation competition
  • My full name is Emma Siobhan Maclay Jenkin and I love it

What do people find surprising about you?


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