Saddle up

Last year I was thrilled to take part in Tweed Ride Toronto. I even wrote about how it’s one of the greatest and most accessible fundraising events I’d ever seen.

Photo by ‘Xander Labayen @416cyclestyle
(That’s me, second row, second from the left with the tartan jacket)

Well folks, it’s back. And this year BikingToronto mastermind Joseph Travers, photographer and social media junkie Rannie Turingan, and I have banded together to create the gosh darn biggest and awesomest team we can for Tweed Ride this year and I’m calling on you to join the cause.

Yes, I want you to be a part of the ReTweed Society team for Tweed Ride Toronto 2012.

Why? Well, Joseph, Rannie, and I are on the team so you already know it’ll be awesome.

But wait, what does being on a team mean?

It’s cheaper!

Well, for one thing, registration is cheaper for Tweed Ride if you are a part of a team. In fact, the cheapest way to get in on Tweed Ride is if you join a team and register before August 1 (registration opens July 22!) – you only have to pay $15 for a full day of stylish riding, tea parties, and a lovely dinner.

It’ll fill your social calendar!

We’ve already got some fun ideas in the works for the ReTweed Society. They are of course totally optional, but a great way to get to know fellow cyclists, and do fun things together, like eat, drink, shop for vintage wear, and ride. While the name of the game is stylish riding, we’ve got some cool ideas for fundraising brewing too…

It’s fun!

Meet new people, relish in a sense of camaraderie, and we’re working on something cool for each team member to sport on the day of the ride.

It’s easy!

Not an avid biker? You don’t have to be. Really. The pace is mellow, the vibe genteel, and cycling en masse is the safest way to go. See the sights and sounds of Toronto’s epic built heritage while getting to know awesome folks, all while cycling at an easy and comfortable pace. Cycling events like these are all about having a good time and being welcoming and inclusive.

So how do I register? Just head to the Tweed Ride Toronto website on July 22, and register before August 1 to take advantage of early bird pricing.

Follow the antics of ReTweed Society on twitter and facebook.

Plus I made the awesome posters for this year’s Tweed Ride. Behold!

If you don’t catch this post in time, or prefer to ride solo, definitely still register for Tweed Ride, because it’s going to be so much fun and supports a worthy cause!


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