I’ll be paying in art (again)

I was thrilled to hear about a hospital accepting works of art as credit towards medical bills (in NY, where you have to pay for that kind of thing).

Then my pops sent me a link to Clarion Hotel Stockholm that allows artists to pay for their hotel stay with art.

Come again? Pay for my hotel stay with art?

BRB, booking tickets.

But wait! you say. Is there a qualification? I mean, art’s all subjective anyway, can I just splatter some paint on a piece of paper and had that in? Will they accept meaningless scribbles?

Turns out, yes.

I love this. Love this. It’s win-win. The hotel looks super cool, people are talking about it, they get tons of art (& cred), and you get to stay in a hotel for free.

The fine print? An artwork – a room – one night.  Still, quite the deal!

Seriously, I’m booking tickets.

UPDATE: Turns out they’re good at the twitters too. And in English! (their Facebook page posts in Swedish, obvs)


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