Finding my happy place

no thanks to you, phone

I took a note from Paul’s book at put the iPhone away from 6-10pm last night. The husband and I went for a walk down to the boardwalk by the lake, and sat on a bench enjoying our iced tea and coffee and headed home for dinner. Without my phone distracting me with notifications about emails and tweets that I simply had to get to right away, I could feel my brain relaxing, my body mellowing out (unsurprisingly). And I had the time to lose myself in my happy place.

Also known as art.

Not like I can’t create with my phone by me, but there is something to be said for unitasking. Actually working on one project without chimes and buzzers and something else using up your brain power.

An offshoot of my Cool People collection, I started re-imaging great books as retro-inspired posters. They’re all 12×18 and available for sale at the deliciously low price of $10 a pop. I’m always taking recommendations, so let me know which great literary classic you want to see get the retro treatment next. Just browsing? I’ll be adding the newest additions here and here, so you can feast your eyes for free.

I love reading. And always have. Draplin’s presentation at FITC (call me a fan, yes I still think about it) talked about simplicity in design, referencing the heyday of the 70s. As somewhat younger than Draplin, I couldn’t relate to his childhood summers in Michigan, but I can certainly draw inspiration from my own summers in Muskoka at my family cottage. There are bookcases filled with Tom Clancys and Stephen Kings (I read plenty of the latter, none of the former) older family members had no doubt bought originally in an airport, and stacks of children’s books that had belonged to my father’s generation. I remember sitting in front of the bookcases like they were my personal library (which, to an extent, they were), hair probably still wet from swimming in the lake (most days at the cottage were spent damp from a recent swim, and yet never uncomfortable), picking out which book I would read next. So in addition to being a tribute to reading and literacy in general, there’s a lot of nostalgia poured in to these works.

Let me know what you think, let me know your recommendations for the next installment, and let me know if you want one to grace your walls!


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