Mobile web!

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Ladies Learning Code I’m slowly but surely developing a mobile version of my personal website

It’s tricky, and finicky, but it’s slowly working. I want to rely on the same HTML file as my desktop page and just link it to a mobile CSS file. This is how the Ladies Learning Code workshop laid it out and it makes sense to me. Of course when I designed my desktop website I didn’t do it with the foresight to make it easily transferable to mobile. 95% of my desktop website is rollover buttons (gosh darn it they are fun and snazzy) and… you can’t really rollover stuff on a mobile device.

But it’s coming along. It’s one heck of a confidence booster to stare at a page of code that mere weeks ago would have looked like nothing more than gibberish, change a few characters, refresh my mobile browser screen, and boom! Exactly what I wanted to change, has changed. This of course happens every 1 in 10 times I try to change something. But again, it’s coming along.

Are you a developer and remember being a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed neophyte in the world of code? How long until the buzz wears off?



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