Science: It’s a girl thing! (Or, what is this I don’t even) part two

If you missed the original ad, it’s because it was rightly taken down. Until they find this version and take it down, feast your eyes on the monstrosity here:

At first, Michael Jennings, of the EU Commission, was spinning the offensive under the auspices of all press is good press, and as long as people were watching the ad it meant the message was getting through.

The message, that science is a girl thing, is flawed. Science should not be marketed exclusive to boys or girls. That’s one of the reasons that we’re facing a proportionate shortage of women in science in the first place. But pitching science as a viable and welcoming option for young women’s future goals is something we can all get behind. If you don’t manage to piss everyone off in the process.

I would liken this logic to a charity launching an ad wherein insults are hurled at the viewer fo 45 seconds. It’s not a bad ad, you see, because the ad drives so much traffic to the website and starts discussion around the charity’s cause. Which is good, right? It’s a whole ends vs means things.

Fortunately, with the help of anyone with a bright head on their shoulders, the organization worked out that the ad’s horrible. And they took it down. If you want an example of a non-apology, I have a great one for you:

If you wanted an idea as to just how off-message and insulting it was, turns out this ad was from the same creative firm:


The kind of spin around taking the offending video is a tad disengenuous. On facebook and twitter folks are turning the discussion around things that matter, like promoting and supporting actual women scientists. The EU Commission suddenly turns around and agrees:

Which should have been how the campaign started. By celebrating the sung and unsung heroines of science, to make of them a good example of why to get in to science (hint: it doesn’t involve stilettos, giggling models, pink, or lipstick font).

If there were ever a need for an apology, this is it. Checking their website, Facebook page, and twitter account turns up nothing of the sort.


2 thoughts on “Science: It’s a girl thing! (Or, what is this I don’t even) part two

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