Science: It’s a girl thing! (or, What is this I don’t even)

Watch this video:

UPDATE: I can’t show you the video, because it has been taken down. Which is good, because that’s what needed to happen. It remains online in other places, so catch this before it too gets taken down:

It’s horrible, right? No one’s denying it. Well, the creator is. @ECspokesScience says it’s at least driving people to their website. Because all press is good press.

What pains me so much is here are some of the other videos from their YouTube channel:

I think they’re great. Beautifully produced, and interesting, they’re highlighting women in science, how they got there, why they enjoy it. You may notice they look and act nothing like the three women in the first abhorrent video.

It’s not clear if the same creative is behind the first video (which is insulting and bad) and the others (which are great). Nor does it really matter. The head organization had to sign off on it. It’s a sad example of going for the lowest fruit possible, trying to be sexy and edgy and like a makeup commercial. Only did they not get the memo that makeup commercials are bad, clichéd, and not something to emulate, especially if you are trying to attract the bright minds of tomorrow’s science fields? I’m not sure the video could fit in more clichés if it tried, effectively alienating and insulting the very group they’re trying to attract (oh, and anyone with self-respect).

And what’s with the lipstick font? I thought we had enough of that. And the pink. Pardon my French, but FFS people.

And science is not a girl thing. It’s not a boy thing. No gender gets to own it. It’s a human pursuit of truth and discovery. I want to congratulate the organization on its mission, and every video they have that is not that aforementioned hot pink mess. Do us all a favour and take it down.

And lose the lipstick font while you’re at it.

UPDATE: People are awesome and have taken to twitter with the hashtag #realwomenofscience to, you know, talk about the real women of science and give the Science: It’s a girl thing what for.


3 thoughts on “Science: It’s a girl thing! (or, What is this I don’t even)

    • Ha! That’s terrific. An ad highlighting past women scientists would be a great addition to their collection of videos about current women scientists. They’d actually inspire future scientists.

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