BEDJ 17: Having it all

Even though I loved art school, I realized I was not going to be able to support myself on my art. I would keep it as a hobby, a refuge, something to do outside of work. And I did.

And people told me I was good at it. And I enjoy doing design at work, and for friends, and for extra-curricular projects. I really like being a go-to for design when colleagues need something whipped up.

And way back when I saw Draplin‘s talk at FITC I got the fire in my belly to create more, and more purposefully, and to promote myself more. And to make art with the intent to sell.  I need to thank Joey Aberle for asking me to design him a portrait in my vector style, and even more, agreeing (insisting) to pay.

Hold the phone – I can make money doing this?

And then others starting coming forward, commissioning me for artwork. And while by no means enough for me to quit my job and move to Tortola (–someday!) it reminded that I’m gosh darn good at this, and that’s worth something.

Returning to my first love, my first passion, has completely changed my outlook on a lot of things. I can have it all. My mother sent this TEDx video to me, and if you’ve got the time, definitely watch it. It speaks to my experience, finding how to balance a need for an income with a need to be creative, and I’m sure in some way it will speak to yours.

So if you’re looking for design work, artwork, or a personalized vector portrait (check some of my previous works here) drop me a line. I’d be only too happy to work with you.

Let’s give the final words of this post to Liz Lemon, who drives to live off her creativity and managing the rest of her life, and with whom I share a love of food:


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