BEDJ 16: Ladies Learning Code (Mobile Edition)

On a beautiful sunny summer Saturday I found myself among almost 80 others up a downtown office tower for Ladies Learning Code.  Ladies Learning Code (LLC) is an amazing initiative that makes learning code welcoming and accessible. And yes gentlemen, you are welcome. If you’re interested in coding but largely new to it, LLC is going to be the best entry point.

I had heard buzzings on twitter about how great LLC was, which is how I got to attend my first class on HTML and CSS a few weeks ago. It took me from zero to website over the course of a day, and I was sent home with a free domain name courtesy of Hover and tickets to FITC to keep the learning experience going.

Since that class I had toiled over my very own personal website (still under construction!), relishing in the process of building a site from scratch. Of course, being tech-savvy and all that, I knew I would eventually have to make my website mobile-friendly. Enter LLC’s Mobile Coding class.

The class was set up in pairs, which made the day a lot more fun. I learned a bunch from my partner Marni, who came to the class from a background in computer science and libraries. Turns out, well, coding for mobile isn’t all that tricky. You just create a unique style sheet for when your site is being viewed from a mobile device. Easy, you see? (Listen to me, prattling on like a programmer).

At the end of the class we all presented the progress we had made during the day. It was outstanding what we n00bs were able to accomplish in a matter of hours, having had no experience with mobile coding before! I was absolutely delighted/honoured/chuffed that Marni and my site made it in to the class’ Top 3. The three teams behind the top pages were put in a draw an Apple TV and two tickets to conference tickets (seriously, LLC has got the hookups). While my name was not pulled for the Apple TV (dommage!) I was again so happy to get a conference ticket!

I left the Mobile class with the knowledge to convert my website to mobile, a full belly, a ticket to a conference, and a mind full of inspiration on how to apply my skills in my work and personal life. Again I’d like to extend the biggest thanks to the organizers of LLC, and the people behind Xtreme Labs, who played a huge roll in the success of this mobile class.

Have you been to an LLC class? What’s holding you back? (And if it’s the name, with all due respect, get over yourself. There are men who come as learners, and men who come as mentors. You won’t feel uncomfortable or unwelcome).


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