TV & Movie Tuesday

Time to get back on the BEDJ daily themes!

I’ve been re-watching seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And it’s been awesome. Because the show it great, and take me back to high school and memories of catching up with my friends outside our lockers about what went down on the previous night’s episode (wow, life before twitter). But twitter’s awesome, and it’s incredible how many Buffy fans come out of the woodwork when you tweet a quote from the show. My favourite?

I’m a flying buttress of support.

Plus the show introduced me to awesome songs like the one below, and of course Once More With Feeling.

I saw the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. When I first saw the trailer, I was excited.

You’re going to put the likes of Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, and Maggie Smith together in a movie together and have them be charming and catty old British folk together? Sign me up! I was nervous it was going to be a completely imperialistic tourist movie, what with, you know, the British Raj. But I dig these sorts of movies (see: Love Actually) where there are several different kinds of relationships going on at the same time. You know what? The plot didn’t even matter. I’d watch those actors sit at a table drinking tea.

I already happily watch Alan Rickman do it for seven minutes minutes:


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