BEDJ Day 7: Wine & Love

Some of my fellow excellent BEDJ bloggers (Amber, Heather, Edwin, GirlFrmMars, Tom, Peter, Ashley, and Kitty) already regularly write Wine & Love posts. Quite simply, you itemize what’s dragging you down and bringing you up. So, here we go:

I’m busy. I shouldn’t complain, because it feels good to be busy. But lately I’ve been so busy I had to book a week of evenings off for myself so I could actually have some time at home.

Other than the general wish for bajillions of dollars still going ungranted, that’s pretty much all I can gripe about.

I’ve been busy, working on lots of awesome things. And it’s been very exciting to be called to be involved in these things.

My website, which has caused glee and consternation in equal parts, is pretty much ready to go up. In the final stages of working out which hosting client will work best for me.

I’m speaking at NXNEi next week alongside the outstanding Holly Knowlman and Laura Bradley, which is kind of a big deal. My colleague Allegra Young will be joining me at the conference, and hey, we also get to go to some NXNEi parties. So that’s cool.

People are digging my Doodle a Day. Validation! It tingles. I’ll be honest, it gives me hope that I can actually monetize my creative skills. Super thanks to Joey Bale for commissioning me. Makes me feel like da Vinci. If you haven’t checked out my creations definitely do so. I will absolutely sell you anything that’s found here. Or will create you art, design you a poster, or code you a website. And it’ll be good. Because I make awesome stuff and you deserve awesome stuff and I am the best person for your creative needs. (See raising money for yourself in a previous post).

I love my neighbourhood. I’m in an awesome part of town that a lot of folks (including myself, up until 3 years ago)Ā  find too far from “the core.” On the other hand, some people actively seek to live outside the 416, which is, like, madness (jokes, all places are awesome and filled with awesome people, live where you’re happy). I made the huge decisions of buying my first house out in Toronto’s east end, and I can’t see myself ever leaving.

What’s your Wine & Love?


3 thoughts on “BEDJ Day 7: Wine & Love

  1. I’ve only been to Toronto once, but I loved it! šŸ™‚ I can see how one would fall in love with it + a neighborhood. šŸ™‚ Glad you participated this week! Hope to see you doing this in weeks to come.the doodle a days are really cool.

    • Thanks šŸ™‚ Hope to do more of these posts too. Did you participate in the Sketchbook Project? Because you totally should. Or sign up for their newsletter because they have a bunch of free and really creative projects you can get in to as well.

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