BEDJ Day 5: TV Tuesday

I feel like a bit of a downer when it comes to TV and movies. I blame owe it to online resources like Feminist Frequency and Sociological Images that have made me sensitive to portrayals of race, gender, and relationships in pop culture. Friends get excited about new shows and movies and I know I’m going to spend the time watching them rolling my eyes inwardly.  So when a new show comes out and I enjoy it, I get really excited.

Veep is one such show. In the briefest of descriptions, it’s Parks and Rec, but about the Vice President of the United States, and done by HBO. It’s got Aaron-Sorkin-esque repartée, all the politics I could ever ask for in a show, truly enjoyable characters and more comedic awkwardness than you can shake a stick at. And I love awkward humour. It’s my absolute favourite. I think it’s the most real, the most relatable.

And as a bonus, it has no laugh track. I can’t abide a laugh track . Although for some reason British shows with laugh tracks don’t bother me. See: Mr. Bean, Absolutely Fabulous, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python. Oh, and US shows from the 90s get a pass too. See: Fresh Prince, Full House, The Cosby Show. But — and I know the majority of my friends disagree — I can’t stand HIMYM or Big Bang Theory.

Have at me, commenters.

So anyway. If you want to add a new show to your lineup, I highly recommend Veep. It’s still extremely white in its casting, but at least has some interesting women characters. And it’s like watching a political train wreck in slow motion. Plus as a social media person it’s great to see how the VP’s staff learn about what stories the press focus on, looking to their blackberries before they look to televised news.

Have a gander at its trailer and if you can, check out the show:


2 thoughts on “BEDJ Day 5: TV Tuesday

    • I hadn’t heard much about it before I gave it a try, as was hesitant that it would be corny or something. But nope. After the first episode I was hooked!

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