BEDJ Day 4: Travel Monday

If you’re on twitter, follow @WheresAndrew. National Geographic’s Digital Nomad, he travels the world and tweets about it. And somehow does it without being smug about it! Just a good guy with a sweet gig sharing his globe-trotting experiences.

He’s living my (and probably your) dream. My feelings about Michelle Trachtenberg aside, I repeat this affirmation from the Harriet the Spy movie at least once a day:

I want to see the whole world, and I want to write down everything.

Ok, fine. For me it’s more likely draw everything. But the feeling is there.

And I’ve been extremely lucky to have travelled to some incredible places in my life so far. There are places I still want to go. And by places, I really mean buildings. What with my addiction to historical nonfiction and MA is architectural history, it’s really about the buildings for me. My top two yet-to-see buildings are:

The Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
I read A Short History of Byzantium (it’s 500 pages, don’t let the title fool you), Osman’s Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire, and A History of the Venice, and the Hagia Sophia building plays a serious role in all three empires’ histories. It changed hands and changed purposes a bunch of times, and it saw a lot of bloodshed. Seriously, you like Game of Thrones? Stuff like that? Pick up a historical nonfiction. It’ll blow your mind.

The Hermitage, Saint Petersburg
It’s all sorts of gorgeous and has pretty much the world’s biggest collection of everything. It was also the setting for Russian Ark, a movie filmes in one shot that chronicles Russian history out of order. You thought Inception got your mind buzzing? Yeah. Russian Ark. Plus I’m currently reading The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias so I’m all about the old Russians.

There are many other places in the world I cannot wait to go. I super love Evan Drolet‘s Places I Haven’t Been, because it reminds me how much potential awesomeness there is in other places I just have to tap:

As always, there’s time, work, and money that keeps me from being a jet-setting traveller. But hey, one step at a time, right?

I’ll leave the final words of this post to an individual whose words and antics have touched my heart since I was a child:


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