Pop culture has value

I got some great suggestions for doodles. I asked for pop culture figures, because I love recognizing something and feeling like I’m in on an inside joke. Pop culture, for all its frivolity and dredge, is one heck of a shared experience. There are entire blogs just dedicated to “Man, remember [x]?” And I’m reading it and I’m like “Yeah, I remember that!” and that connection is awesome.

Aside: the eternal grad student in me feels like there is a great thesis to be written on Draw Anything and the use of pop cultural signs and signifiers. Because you know what? That stuff can get deep. It’s not just stick figures acting out famous movies.

So here’s my doodle of Tina Fey. I had asked for some women pop culture figures because all the ones I could think of off the top of my head were of the dude variety (dudes being better represented). So thanks for suggesting Tina Fey. She is a whole lot of awesome. I even threw in a nod to the 30 Rock skyscrapers. And in addition to the greatness of SNL skits and 30 Rock, her Bossypants has got to be one of the funniest and most inspiring, and yet relatable autobiographies ever (tied with Gene Wilder‘s, which is a whole lot of beautiful emotional baggage).

Another aside: I actually had Bossypants on audiobook. And Tina Fey reads it. It’s like she’s reading you her life story, and she’s like, hanging out with you. I normally opt for the physical book experience, but I highly recommend this on audiobook.

Who’s your top pop cultural/famous figures (from any era)? Why?
And am I reading way too much in to Draw Anything?

I’ve made a separate page for my doodles as I realized they would soon outnumber the words I wrote here. Head up to the menu bar and click “Doodle A Day” (you can also click here, or see them on Pinterest here). And yes I take requests!


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