A Woman’s Place Is In The House


That was the slogan on t-shirts brought by Equal Voice as thank you gifts for the speakers at last night’s Women in the House event at Queen’s Park. To clarify, “The House” in question is the House of Commons.

The two committee rooms for the event were absolutely packed with men and women of all ages, including children, university students, current City Councillors and MPPs, and of course a healthy representation of fellow Toronto Regional Champion Campaign Protegees (TRCC).

It was wonderful comparing notes with the other TRCCers about the City Councillors we are working with and what our experiences had been like so far. Councillor McMahon, with whom I am paired under the auspices of TRCC, was there and it was pretty much the first time we had been able to chat casually, outside of a development meeting. And that was great.

Now, before anyone starts haranguing TRCC, or Equal Voice, or any organization whose mission it is to increase women’s participation in government, take a moment.

These organizations do not seek to put women in politics merely for the sake of meeting a quota (like the UN’s recommendation that 30% of government representatives be women, a number Canada is still trying to reach).

It is about getting more women who are interested, capable, and passionate to run for office.

That’s it.

If you are a woman, or know a woman, or are interested in Toronto , or the goings on at City Hall, you should come to an absolutely incredible upcoming panel series by the name of Women in Toronto Politics (#witopoli).  The panels take place May 23 and May 30 at CSI Annex. I’ll be there and hope to see you there as well! Get to know more about the panel through their website, twitter, and Facebook.


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