Donor Tips from a Broke Chick: Friday Night Live @ROM

Dear Royal Ontario Museum,

Thank you.

When I heard about Friday Night Live @ROM, I was really happy. I mean, I’ve been lamenting the lack of affordable events geared towards my demographic (adults without kids that still love going to museums) for a good while. You have your swanky Prom at the ROM ($125-325) and Young Patrons’ Circle ($600-$5000/year) and that’s awesome for those who can afford it.

I was feeling left out.

A challenge with the big-ticket events and memberships is even if I could put the money towards it, I don’t have too many people in my network that are invested enough to do the same. And what’s the point of going out to an event to geek out at a museum and drink if you’re not with friends?

And then #FNLROM came along. And the lineup looks smashing.

And then I find out #FNLROM is only going to be $9.

I thought: Awesome.

Then I thought: Oh shoot, it’s gonna be packed.


A night out for two at the movies (tickets and concessions) costs more than $40. If you get fancy, like VIP or 3D, you’re passing the $50 mark.

#FNLROM has a $9 admission and food and drink items are all $5 (yes, five dollars). For a night out with a buddy, it’s way cheaper with the ROM.

(Yep, that’s right. Young donors/patrons are price sensitive, yo.)

And let’s be honest folks. We’re nearing the summer, a.k.a. the Dead Zone of Decent Movies. Not only is it cheaper, but you will be far better off partying at the ROM on Friday nights this summer than pretending you’re enjoying The Expendables 2.

Plus, I’ll be there. So like, bonus.

So right. Back to you, ROM.  From this broke chick, thanks for this series of events I am sure will be the weekly smash hit this summer in Toronto. Thanks for giving us young, childless, on-the-poor-side donors a way to party with you.

Hugs and kisses,



2 thoughts on “Donor Tips from a Broke Chick: Friday Night Live @ROM

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