{Video Post} Ignite Culture: Pretty Old Buildings

You can still read my presentation here. But if you want to see me take my first try at an Ignite (similar to Pecha Kucha) presentation, feast your eyes and brain on this:


Public speaking is always a ball of nerves mashed up with giddiness of sharing your passion and knowledge. How did I do? Would you be interested in presenting at a future Ignite Culture? Because there’s talk of follow up events…


2 thoughts on “{Video Post} Ignite Culture: Pretty Old Buildings

  1. Oh, you could totally talk about blogging culture or WOW culture, or what it’s like working with lawyers… Culture’s a great and broad definition!

    I had a class at business school where people were encouraged to talk about how they thought their own cultures handled the workplace differently (getting right to the point, or extensive small talk and socializing before subtly engaging…) and I was tempted to talk about nonprofit culture in the workplace. I didn’t have the guts (…or the workplace experience) but looking back I should have shared the different perspective.

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